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What Is Uke Boogie?

Uke Boogie is an open mic night run by Ukulele players across the globe.
The original duo Alex and pockets had tried to start up previous monthly open mic nights under the name of "All Eyes And Gums". all events were a success, but very stressful.

In March 2009 the duo managed to land a gig date at one of Edinburgh's best arts venues called "the Bowery", But had no idea what type op event they would put on. Eventually they came up with an idea, a open mic night with no guitars allowed, and open mic dedicated mostly to ukulele's.

Now Branded as scotland's biggest Ukulele open mic night, uke boogie has been a tremendous success. With performers coming back to play again and again.

Uke Boogie has gone through a rough time changing venue every few months. With the closure of the 3 bars In a row that uke boogie was supposed to be playing at, Uke Boogie has been dubber the "kiss of death" to bars accross edinburgh. Thats why we have chosen scotlands most haunted pub to bring you the best in undescoverd ukulele talent.

As for the future, hopefully we keep the event going. there has been talk of taking Uke Boogie somewhere out of edinburgh,  Maybe even a tour setting up Uke Boogie's across the world? Who knows!

Update - 25th March 2013

We now have an Uke Boogie based in Berlin Germany. This is fantastic news! It Is being run by one half of the original creators Alex Highet and  the wonderful Jonathan.