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For the last few years I have been performing as a solo musician, playing pubs and small festivals. Usually playing my own songs and just 2 or 3 covers to keep the crowd happy. In 2006 I picked up the ukulele and have never looked back.

In November 2008, I uploaded a video to youtube of myself playing a home made instrument called the Kazookeylele, since uploading it has now reached just under 3 MILLION views.

Because of that I have been broadcast on television and in news papers all over the world. The most notable of all this would be that I did a advertisement for Doritos Canada promoting their new competition to name a new flavor. It was shown on Canadian television, and Internet web ads.

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I don't know how I started playing Ukulele. It just sort of happened.

That's a lie - I remember I started on my housemate's green Ukulele and probably learned some Spice Girls. When listening to the Holloway's Generator I could hear the different parts, how it would work with the Ukulele and the humble Melodica, and asked...MADE Pockets play it with me. Then we did more. And more. And more.

I love the Ukulele. It's accessible, an easy instrument for people who want to learn an instrument, you can move through the different chords in an interesting way and it had as much power as any other instrument.

And it's easy to carry on the bus train boat car boat train bus journey to and from Nothern Ireland. Yeah!