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MMMFruity Music

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Stuart - 07511714692


Dieter Laue Mostly covers


Dieter Laue has been a Guitarist & Vocalist for over 30 years. Performing as solo guitarist and accompanist for vocalists and bands. He performs in any style and can play many different Covers. Various Entertainment.




John Langan Band Mostly Celtic Covers

The John Langan Band are a Scotland-based riotous and rhythmical, magical three-piece with a unique and truly original sound inspired by Celtic, Balkan and Gypsy swing traditions. Extravagant and eclectic, The John Langan Band, with a traditional acoustic aesthetic, deliver with a contemporary attack and freshness, and a gigantic, sonorous sound, unlike any other three piece.

Having played in many different settings, from festival stages to Glasgow's Royal Concert Hall, The John Langan Band show, time after time, that their engaging music and utterly entertaining manner have a widespread appeal amongst people of all ages, walks of life and musical interests. Various Entertainment.




John Langan Band - Mary Mac (cover) (everyone dances to this)


John Langan Band Pumpkin pie (Original tune)



Jen and the Gents Mostly original Pop/Rock

Jen and the Gents is a pop/rock/folk band comprising Jennifer Ewan on vocals and guitar, Martin Beer on bass, Pockets (Stuart Crout) on vocals and drums (or whatever else he can find to knock out a rhythm on) and Ben Errington on fiddle.


The band is based in Edinburgh and is a fusion of musicians who have been around the Edinburgh scene for a little while, playing solo and/or with other bands. They first got together while playing with The Tuberians at the legendary Susie's Diner. In summer 2010, they added young violin maestro Ben Errington to the line-up after successfully linking up over the Edinburgh Festival. MMMFRUITY.




Jen and the Gents Deamon Kitty Rag (cover) *live at forest cafe


Jen and the Gents Cant Look Back (original tune)



Liam baker Mostly Covers

Liam is a very talented musician from London who now lives and works in Edinburgh. Attached is two mp3's that gives an accurate representation of his playing ability. MMMFRUITY.


Liam Baker I wanna be like you Jungle book (cover)

Liam Baker Your gonna make me lonesome when you go (Original tune)


Rob Young Esquire Mostly Blues Covers

Coming from Manchester in England of the United Kingdom, Rob has had the opportunity to busk in many of the hot spots. In Edinburgh, Scotland you will commonly see him on the Royal Mile or down on Rose Street behind Prince's Street. Rob takes time out of his overly packed bookings in the music scene to bring his talent out to the streets for the common man to enjoy. If you have a chance, stop and say thank you by taking a tip and folding it a few times so it fits in with the rest! Various Entertainment.



Rob Young Esquire I can't keep from trying



Emily Higgs - Mostly Covers

Emily Higgs began her life in music whilst travelling the world and being influenced and inspired by the places and people she encountered.


Singing gentle and heartfelt songs of love and life in a traditional Celtic style, her voice stops people in their tracks and seduces them into slowing down and letting the music envelope them. Her career has taken her from playing the streets of Europe and the UK, to playing festival gigs in England and Scotland including the Eden Festival 2010 and Glastonbury Festival's Small World Stage. In either setting she holds her own with a strong yet modest presence. Various Entertainment.


Emily Higgs Hallelujah (cover)