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To book an act please email

* Must arrange with group manager.

Jen and the Gents      Band                  Booking - £150       

Jen and the Gents is a pop/rock/folk band comprising Jennifer Ewan on vocals and guitar, Martin Beer on bass, Pockets (Stuart Crout) on vocals and drums (or whatever else he can find to knock out a rhythm on) and Ben Errington on fiddle.

The band is based in Edinburgh and is a fusion of musicians who have been around the Edinburgh scene for a little while, playing solo and/or with other bands.  They first got together while playing with The Tuberians at the legendary Susie's Diner. In summer 2010, they added young violin maestro Ben Errington to the line-up after successfully linking up over the Edinburgh Festival.



Jamie Soar                 Pianist                Booking - £150        

Jamie Soar is a composer, producer and performing musician. His educational background includes a degree in Music Composition and Technology, (University of Hertfordshire, 2008-2010) a certificate in music performance and production (Jewel and Esk College 2005) and a diploma in generalized music. (Jewel and Esk College 2006-2008)

Jamie composes and produces in a variety of styles and genres, never focusing solely on one particular genre at one given time. Inspired by film and video games scores, forever intrigued by all aspects of composition and endeavour to discover the creativity and the deep messages which are fundamental to all forms of music, and allow that to inspire him further.



Best of Uke Boogie             Event        Booking - £300        

Uke Boogie is an open mic night run by two Ukulele players, Alex Highet "The Melodica Muncher" and Stuart Crout "The Kazookeylele Killer".

In March 2009 the duo managed to land a gig date at one of Edinburgh's best arts venues called "the Bowery", But had no idea what type op event they would put on. Eventually they came up with an idea, a open mic night with no guitars allowed, and open mic dedicated mostly to ukulele's. The rest is history.

The best of Uke Boogie is the best acts Uke boogie has to share for a whole night of ukulele related fun!




Various Entertainment

Todd Various              Magician             Booking - £*

Since his beginnings as an American street performer, Various has decided to live in Scotland. Doing festivals in different cities all around the world is his life, and he loves it. From starting the street performer life as a statue, to Gazzo’s cups-and-balls routine, Various has now expanded his repertoire to an award winning magic show, a straight jacket escape routine, whip cracking, stilt-walking, and a variety of other skills.




Ian Kendal                  Magician           Booking - £*

Ian got the magic bug early. Unlike many of his peers he never had a magic set for Christmas, but made up for that by obsessively learning everything he could on the subject. In the last two decades he has performed in almost every conceivable situation, from restaurants and bars to five star hotels and the Orient Express, from comedy clubs in California to traditional street shows in Sydney, product launches to private parties and eighteen years in the Edinburgh Fringe. Not only restricted to his native Scotland, he travels around the UK to smash the laws of physics for audiences of all types and sizes.


In 2009 he was awarded the Leslie P Guest Award for Excellence from the Society of American Magicians. He’s pretty sure he’s one of only two non Americans to win this award, which is presented each year for the most outstanding contribution to magic.





Emily Higgs                Musician            Booking - £*

Emily Higgs began her life in music whilst travelling the world and being influenced and inspired by the places and people she encountered.

Singing gentle and heartfelt songs of love and life in a traditional Celtic style, her voice stops people in their tracks and seduces them into slowing down and letting the music envelope them. Her career has taken her from playing the streets of Europe and the UK, to playing festival gigs in England and Scotland including the Eden Festival 2010 and Glastonbury Festival's Small World Stage. In either setting she holds her own with a strong yet modest presence.



 John Langan Band                                Booking - £*                    

The John Langan Band are a Scotland-based riotous and rhythmical, magical three-piece with a unique and truly original sound inspired by Celtic, Balkan and Gypsy swing traditions. Extravagant and eclectic, The John Langan Band, with a traditional acoustic aesthetic, deliver with a contemporary attack and freshness, and a gigantic, sonorous sound, unlike any other three piece.

Having played in many different settings, from festival stages to Glasgow's Royal Concert Hall, The John Langan Band show, time after time, that their engaging music and utterly entertaining manner have a widespread appeal amongst people of all ages, walks of life and musical interests.